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The ESL curriculum at ISM focuses on the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. To achieve academic competency in English, your child is included in the mainstream core content areas and supported by a specialist in language acquisition. Combining language and content instruction is essential to help your child develop both his/her language skills and age appropriate cognitive skills.

Our units of study in Grade 7 are organized around the following conceptual themes:

• Identity
• Innovation
• Interaction
• Truth

About me
I graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, earned a teaching degree at the University of Toronto in Ontario, and finished a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Teaching through Michigan State University. I have over twenty years of teaching experience in the area of language acquisition and a broad range of teaching experiences that span three continents and cross grade levels from elementary to high school. I have lived in Asia for many years and I have taught at international schools in Korea, China, and Indonesia.

About this blog
This is our class blog where both parents and students can find updates and discussions about what and how we are learning. For parents, there are useful tips and updates to help you support your child’s learning at school, and for students, this is a place to access information from class, share your ideas, and highlight discussions from our classes.

Welcome to our space and I hope you enjoy the journey!

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